For Those Of Us Who Are Single On Valentine’s Day

Steph Duran

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day.  ‘Wasn’t it just Christmas?,’ you say.   ‘Yes….,’ I say, ‘But, see Walgreens already had all the Love stuff hidden in the back and so there was really nothing that could be done about it.’

So….as most people know, not everyone is in a relationship.  I say most people, because there are those people who are newly in love….and therefore they believe everyone is newly in love….and isn’t it wonderful…???  Hold me back.  I’m beggin’ ya.

No, I’m NOT bitter.   Just a little lonely from time to time.   Hey!   It’s been a while!!   No….longer.   Longer.    Longer than that.   Quit laughing!!  I got my heart well and truly not-just-broken, but shredded-stomped-lied-to-bombed.  So…ok, fine….it’s been a few years since I’ve been on a date.   No, I’m not telling you exactly how long.  What do you mean why??   Because you’re STILL LAUGHING from before, that’s why!!!

OK, we need to giggle….we Singletons!!  These are pretty incredible….from I give you, Valentine’s Day cards Single People Can Give Themselves….


PS:  My fav  is the one about….” I love it when you throw me on the floor….”


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