Trish’s Trash: Movies You Shouldn’t Watch With Parents/Kids


There’s a new list of “movies you should never watch with your parents.” I guess it could go in the reverse as well…”movies you should never watch with your kids.” I remember my parents took me with them to see “Officer and a Gentlemen”. They probably didn’t have a babysitter. I just looked it up and that movie came out in 1982, when I was nine. I didn’t want to go just as much as they probably didn’t want to take me. As soon as Debra Winger’s shirt came off, we immediately left the theater. I don’t remember much besides leaving and being really embarrassed. A boob!! GASP. I think even now at the age of 40, there are some movies I would NOT want to watch with my parents, especially my dad. “40-Year-Old Virgin” would definitely make my list and “Black Swan”, especially that ONE scene would be up there. Others said “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “There’s Something About Mary”, “Superbad” and “Borat.” Help me add to the list. What movies would you never want to see with your kids/parents??? To see the original article, click here.


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