Philip Seymor Hoffman – More Details on His Passing at age 46

steph duran
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Phillip Seymour Hoffman portrayed Truman Capote in 'Capote'- Best Actor 2005

He’s an incredible actor.  Oscar-winner for “Capote.”    His filmography on imdb goes on and on and on.  In fact…I’ll go ahead and post it right here so you can take a look in case you’re like…”I know that name….but why don’t I know who that guy IS?”    Philip Seymor Hoffman

Since he passed away from an apparent heroin od over the week-end, some more details have started to come out.  Some very sad, dark details.   I’ll let you read them for yourself.

Addiction is an awful, terrible prison that ironically, you lock yourself in.

Here’s a fairly cohesive story from this morning….granted it’s from the ‘Daily Mail’, but still…they did a really good job.


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