Ultimate “Man Vs. Winter” Video Compilation

Greg Hewitt
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(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
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Once again, Winter wins.

It was inevitable in this sort of weather. Earlier today, while cleaning off our  backyard porch, I slipped on an icy patch and fell flat on my butt.

Actually it was more like my tailbone.

It was my first fall of “the season” and it was spectacular in scope.

And when I say spectacular I mean it hurt like hell.

The sudden flash of flailing arms and legs, the feeling of being suspended in mid-air.   It was actually the kind of fall that I could appreciate,  since I typically find these sort of things funny when they happen to someone else.

So, consider this compilation of snow and ice  fails my Winter gift to you.

Remember, let’s be careful out there….

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