Shamu May Not Be So Much Fun After You Read This….

steph duran

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading through the news and came across some coverage of a documentary that I’d briefly heard of before, called, “Blackfish.”

Basically, it’s about the care and treatment of Orca whales …killer whales, mainly at Sea World…but there’s also some mention of other much smaller, mostly foreign parks.  But really, the focus is Sea World.

In any case, the treatment is not what you think.   At All.  The more I read about these parks, Sea World chief among them, the more angry I became.  I also felt SO stupid!!  I had taken my kids to Sea World….in California and Florida!   We had gone swimming with the dolphins!!…I had admired the “highly skilled and educated” animal trainers…I had fallen for every single thing they said.   That these whales in captivity lived longer, that they were happier,  that their dorsal fin flopping over was no big deal…it was just a mystery.  All lies.

The info I’m linking to is a compilation article from buzzfeed.  I wish I could just say “Hi!  Here ya go, sweetie pie!”  And hand you a copy of “Blackfish”  But, I’m tellin’ ya…if you care about animals…or…well, even ‘animals’ seems odd.  These whales are SO smart.  They recognize themselves in the mirror.  They’re self-aware.  In “Blackfish” they show a baby being taken away from his Momma to a different park across the country.  Momma wails.  And cries, and grieves and screams.  It’s heartbreaking.

“Blackfish” is available on Netflix.

Article and background info from buzzfeed is HERE


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