Like Looking at Random Homes For Sale Online? You Won’t After Looking At This One

steph duran

I have always, always, always loved looking at houses.  Open houses, model homes, rental homes, even construction sites.  My ex-husband and I used to load up the kids and we would go look at a whole bunch of homes….just for the heck of it.   We had a GORGEOUS home ourselves….we certainly weren’t looking to move…..but, we just LOVED looking at houses…

And now, with zillow, craigslist and other apps, I can still look at places….although now it’s  me…and I actually AM looking for a place to live.

Although,  I gotta tell ya….Home for me is NOT going to be THIS place.  Nope.  Whoa NELLY…..   You HAVE to enjoy this along with me…. How much would someone have to pay you before you’d move in???   And I mean move in and NOT change anything??

I can hear you, you know!   “What could be so bad?  What is this crazy Steph talking about now??? ”   Oh, ho ho ho…..let me show you, loves….follow me–

Home sweet home….NOT!


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