Watch 20 Women Simultaneously Reenact the “O-Scene” from “When Harry Met Sally”

Greg Hewitt
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(Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images for AFI)

(Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images for AFI)

(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
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Well this is interesting…

The comedy group Improv Everywhere had 20 women go to Katz’s Deli in New York, where Meg Ryan’s famous fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally” was filmed.

And they ALL reenacted it at the SAME TIME.  The video is on YouTube, and they kept it up for a full MINUTE.

“The O” that is.

The film, which starred Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal is known for a lot of things, but it’s this one scene that generates the most talk…still.

It’s said that many couples make the trip to New York specifically to reenact this scene.

Which if you think of it is pretty strange.

Improv Everywhere  is a very funny group and their website is loaded with interesting videos like this one.


In case you forgot, here’s the original scene starring Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal (and a cameo from the Mother of the film’s director, Rob Reiner.

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