Helping the Victims, And There Are A LOT Of Them, Of Typhoon Haiyan…

steph duran

The good news (if you can call it that…) is that it looks like the death toll from Typhoon Haiyan is going to stay quite a bit lower than the 100,000 the Philippine  government was guesstimating earlier this week.  Right now, the death toll stands at around 1700-1800.

Families are trying to be located, but as you can imagine every single  resource is out of order.  ‘Normal’ life does not exist now.    Tens of thousands of people are homeless,  without food,  without  clean clothes, without any sort of medicine….and all of those things are a PRIORITY.

But somehow, with a TON of help from other countries…and especially the Red Cross, we are ALL jumping in to help.   It’s the best face of humanity….helping each other.

According to the Red Cross the  best thing  you can do is-

**  Donate cash.       The phrase “Cash is King” exists for a reason!   :)

The Red Cross has made it SO SO SO EASY to make a $10 donation, it’s almost silly…..and I just tested it to make sure.  Works!!

Simply text the word    ‘  redcross    ‘    to 90999      and you’ll donate   $10.   Automatically.    Nice job, you.   I’m so proud of ya!    Internet five!  Smack!

More info??

Well, ok!


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