Internet Dating…..Oh, The Humanity!!!!!!

steph duran

Let me ‘splain….no…too long.   Let me sum up.  (Thank you, ‘The Princess Bride’)

I’ve never tried internet dating.   I know people who have and have had incredible success with it….people who are in love, people who are living with or are married to someone they met on a website….

I also know people who have stories that would CURL YOUR HAIR!!! Stories that include stuff you normally only see in the ‘Saw’ movies!  Of course… looking for a potential long-term mate on craigslist is probably NOT the way you want to go about things.   I don’t know….I’m just guessing. :)

So….even though I am VERY single….and, I’ll be honest and say, sometimes it is painfully so….I just don’t know if I have the guts to go and put myself out the on a website… I really admire those of you who do…that takes some guts, baby!!

And then, you know I see lists like the one I’m about to show you and I immediately think, “Oh HELL no!!!  I’m going to die alone, aren’t I?? ”

These are some, uh,  interesting profile pictures from a Russian dating site…and they both terrify me about dating and make me (and hopefully, you, too!) laugh….like, really hard!

Enjoy!   I’m still not going out with these guys, though!

Hey Lady!! Wanna love me?


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