What Happened To The Guy Who Didn’t Pay His Exorcist??

steph duran

He was REPOSSESSED!!!!     ha!   Hehehehe!!   Heeee!   Wooooo!   Whoa…hehe…Yeah (wipes eyes…that IS a good one!)

St. Louis is unique in a lot of ways.  Our kids telling jokes on Halloween is ALLLLLMOST one of them.  Seems parts of Des Moines, Iowa does it, too.  But only in parts.   In St. Louis, it is so ubiquitous that NPR has actually done an entire special on it!


So, since today IS Halloween, I found a REALLY good list of kids’ jokes!  These jokes are guaranteed to get the BEST candy!

OK, not really, but they ARE pretty cute.

Happy Halloween!   Please be safe when Trick or Treating….and I call DIBS on the long, skinny versions of the Tootsie Rolls!   Hey….don’t judge me.  :)   Good luck!



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