Guess Who’s House Is Definitely Getting TP’d This Halloween??

Steph Duran

There is a woman named Cheryl in Fargo, North Dakota, who called in to a radio station there this week and explained why she is going to pass judgement on children and ruin their Halloween.


She has appointed HER OWN SELF judge and jury…she says if she has a child come to her door to Trick or Treat…and Cheryl feels that child is even a BIT too hefty, she will NOT be giving that child any sweets.  No, no.   They will be getting a pamphlet to take home to their parental units.


What??   Oh, please!!   You KNOW  I have a copy of the aforementioned ‘pamphlet’…..would you like to see it?    You sure?


Alrighty!   Now, let me warn you….well, okay, this may not be a HUGE shock….but, there are typos.   No?  Not surprised?  Okay….moving on!


Enjoy the typo’s….and the fact that Cheryl did NOT sign her name to this document….yet, somehow…I feel like people are going to just KNOW who was handing it out….


Happy Halloween!


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