October 29th – National Cat Day!

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(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Some people would argue that the Internet serves solely as a way to communicate through various channels about what’s going on in the world. Some may even argue that the Internet serves as a place to speak their minds and even some (like myself) use it daily to inform our listeners what’s going on at the station. The world wide web is great!

But, deep down we all know that the Internet only exists for one purpose and one purpose only.


They’re so cute, so fluffy, so loveable. Not only do cats make for a great cuddle buddy after a long, rough day, but they’re pretty much the main reason the Internet exists.

Go to your favorite search engine, type in ‘CATS’ and watch the videos flood the page. The internet is a ‘cat lovers dream,’ and what better way to celebrate National Cat Day than with some of the best cat videos on the web?

Let’s start things off with ‘Kittens Inspired by Kittens.” This girl gets what cats are about and wants to share with you what these little fluffs are thinking & doing in this book. One word: ADORABLE.

Don’t forget these ‘Cat’s Playing Patty Cake, and what’s their saying.’ – ‘Nuff said.

The great invention of Mr. Charlie Day on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kitten Mittons.’ If you haven’t seen this video yet, it will leave you SMITTEN!

Need a laugh? Of course you do! Here’s some cute cats just lounging and yawning with some great voice over work. Enjoy ‘Cats Scream Yawns.

And let’s not forget another reason why we love cats – their sneakiness! This little guy, who I like to call Ninja Cat, is quiet the little sneakster. ‘Stalking Cat’ is another classic.

I’m sure you’ve seen memes about this little kitteh. If you haven’t heard of ‘Grumpy Cat‘ then I’d like to know what you do on the internet. Seriously though, she’s a Internet celebrity. Her Wiki page even says so.

I’ll end this cat appreciation post with one of my personal favorites, ‘Nyan Cat.’ Started off as an Internet meme, creator Christopher Torres created a hybrid GIF of a Pop-tart and his cat, Marty flying in space with a rainbow trail. It obviously needed some great Japanese tunes and to be looped over and over for this one of a kind video.

Hope you enjoyed this cat-filled post and maybe even saw a cute cat video you haven’t seen before. Regardless, Happy National Cat Day, everyone!

Amy Determan is a Digital Content Coordinator for CBS Radio St. Louis
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