The Most Epic Break-Up Note That Hath Ever Been Unleashed…

Do you suffer from the same argument/break-up problem that I do?  I get a WICKED case of the “shoulda saids” ….You know….where 10 minutes after the battle is over and YOU are the one on the floor, mortally wounded… jump up and go, “DANGIT!!!    (Yes.   I know.  I say something much, MUCH stronger, too…let’s pretend, mmmmmkay?) You know what I SHOULDA SAID?? I should told him, “oh yeah?  Well, how about when you said that you PROMISED that all you wanted after all this searching was a life with me?   and that you wanted to live to be 100 with me….and that we were going to hold hands and jump down the rabbit hole together…..   NOW you’re walking away?!?!?!?!   And you won’t say WHY???   I’ll tell you WHY…..YOU’RE A LYING, CHEATING PIECE OF (REDACTED)! YOU’RE ALSO THE THING YOU HATE MOST, (NAME REDACTED), YOU ARE A COWARD.”

Oh.   Whew.     Taken from real life….sorry about that.   WOW.   I’m actually pissed….ALL OVER AGAIN.    Isn’t it amazing how emotion can do that to you?

And on that note…I’d love for you to see the most EPIC break-up note in HISTORY.   This particular one happened to be in text form…..and with the length, it was probably 12 texts…but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that this girl had the courage of her convictions and SENT IT!!   She stood up for all of us….all of us who lay down at night and try not try cry….and play out that stupid argument with the stupid excuses over and over and over….

And guys….honestly, I am NOT trying to be sexist, I KNOW there are some horrible women out there, too…it’s just not their turn just yet….but YOU KNOW it will be.

So, from The Huffington Post, I give you…..truly, the most epic break-up note….EVAH.   And, yes…SHE SENT IT.

I’ll Give You A Break-Up!


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