This Is GREAT!! We, As A City, Are Getting An Apology From LOS ANGELES!!

steph duran

I couldn’t believe it either!   But there it is…big as life!  LA Weekly has this INCREDIBLE article:


“10 Reasons Why St. Louis Is Actually Great” ….and along with the list (which is pretty comprehensive, I gotta tell ya), we St Louisans get what I am almost positive is an apology, LA-style.  BOOM, baby!


This whole kerfuffle started on October 11th, when LA Weekly published “10 Reasons LA Kicks St Louis’ Ass & The Dodgers Will, Too”….Now— it’s ok, it’s alright— that was a week and a half ago…we’ve ALL done a little growing since then…and…hey!  you are NOT going to board the next Southwest flight and go ‘show’  LA Weekly how ‘cool’ St Louis is…settle down!   Breathe!


So…anywhoo…the article that trashes St Louis, full of cheap shots….too cheap to repeat here…  You may find, if you promise not to lose your mind after reading it!!….  here.


We now know, of course, that the Cardinals did, in point of fact, beat the Dodgers  (cough, cough toldyouso cough, cough)…   The fact that the Cardinals are in the World Series starting this Wednesday is a beautiful thing!   It also makes THIS article from the same LA Weekly a bit of a surprise….the aforementioned, “10 Reasons Why St Louis Is Actually Great”


314, baby!! (yes…and 636, baby)



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