25 Movies That Are Going To Hand You Big Panic. Have Xanax On-Hand…

steph duran

First off, let me just say….i LOOOOOVE tense movies.  Some of my favorite movies are, in fact, ON this list (i wonder what that says about me??? hmmmm).

The space adventure/disaster movie with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, ‘Gravity’ opens this week-end and I am going to see it on Sunday.   The reviews for it have been unanimously positive….with a bit of a caveat… beware if you’re sensitive to motion sickness at all.  Theaters have been reporting patrons getting a case of the ‘whoopsies’….y’know….’shouting europe’  in the theater, because of all the zero gravity…   But as long as you’re prepped for it, you’ll be fine.

Buzzfeed decided to be oh so helpful this morning and pile on the anxiety.  They dug thru piles of movies and came up with a frightening, disturbing list of ’25 Movies That Will Give You A Panic Attack’…and they could not have been any more spot-on.

You ready for this?    No, I know you think you are….but, are you, really????  Okay….here…you can hold my hand.

Down the rabbit hole!


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