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Greg Hewitt
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(Handout Photo via Getty Images)

(Handout Photo via Getty Images)

(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
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Sue Thomas and I were talking about this on the air awhile back.  There’s not much that can make me cry while watching a film.

Not that I think men shouldn’t cry mind you.  It’s just that I’m usually pretty good about being able to distinguish reality from art and keep my wits about me….for the most part.

HOWEVER,  if the storyline of the film should happen to  involve a dog who is in trouble, hurt or God forbid, dying, all bets are off!

I suddenly morph into former Rams head coach, Dick Vermiel after a tough playoff loss.

Such is the beauty of the website, doesthedogdie.com

Basically, it tells you whether a dog dies in just about any film of note released over the past decade.  It actually has three different ratings for movies:  No pets die . . . A pet is injured or appears dead but ultimately lives . . . and the dreaded A pet dies.

This site would have come in handy for me before ever deciding to ante up $7 for the one film that can turn me into a pathetic, blubbering wreck, no matter how many times I see it.

Goodbye Skip….(It’s just a movie….it’s just a movie….it’s just a movie)


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