At-Home Beauty Treatments…DIY Disaster?

steph duran

Everyone has their moments.  Women AND Men, too….we all have times when we love being pampered.  Having someone wash your hair for you feels UH-MAZING, after getting your hair done, you very nearly glide  out of the salon.  Manicures, pedicures….exact same thing.  And oh, give me a massage, and I’ll pretty much do any and all of your evil bidding.


On the other hand…sometimes you just do not have

A.)   the time

B. )  the money

C.) the inclination to get up off the couch and leave the house to go to the salon….say, perhaps, ‘Teen Mom 2′ is on

ALL very valid reasons to not hit the salon….perhaps you color your hair at home. I did that this week-end!   Paint your own nails, give yourself your own pedicures….With practice all very doable.  The only thing that can be truly dicey and dangerous is cutting your own hair….therefore, I bring you…..’The 27 Stages of Cutting Your Own Bangs.’  Just remember, it’s a lot like wood-working…measure twice, cut once and KEEP YOUR EYE on what you’re doing!!


Hey!  These scissors look sharp enough!


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