Bill Hader “Stefon” Movie In The Works

Greg Hewitt (Follow me on Twitter at @GregHewittSTL)
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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
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Rumor has it that Bill Hader, who recently left Saturday Night Live after a long, successful run, is in negotiations with several Hollywood studios to bring his Stefon character to the big screen.

This presents an interesting and potentially costly dilemma for any studio.  While Stefon was a hilarious skit, does that character and Hader, have enough of a story to sustain an entire movie?

This is the $64 MILLION dollar question.

Remember, for every “Wayne’s World” and “Blues Brothers” there’s a “Conehead”, “It’s Pat”, “The Ladies Man” or “MacGruber” to remind those in charge of the studios that not every SNL skit can carry an entire film.

In the end, as is the case with any film, it will all come down to the writing.

Would you be interested in 90 minutes of Stefon?

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