STILL Fallout Coming off the MTV VMA’s? Of Course There Is. Whoa Buddy, Is There Ever!

steph duran

Now….bear with me…because I’m as sick of “Miley blah blah tongue blah blah My Gaaaaahd, who raised her? blah blah disgusting blah blah She needs a good old-fashioned punishment, that’s all blah blah” as YOU are…..      BUT.    Now the fallout that is coming is not just from ‘fans’, viewers of the VMA’s, other artists and our social media overlords.   It’s from Miley’s ‘team’ (her management, publicist, etc) …AND FROM Robin Thicke’s team as well.   Oh, see??    NOW, you’re interested, yeah?


I’m going to have you read this entire posting from a fantastic site I use quite a bit,


Keep in mind, all the ‘management’ people for both Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke are going to be treating this a couple of ways…. as if it were not any kind of a kurfuffle-causing incident AT ALL.   Also, I would expect Robin Thicke’s ‘people’ to say he thought it would be a hoot to include Miley and she just took over.  She Kanye’d his performance!!


Enjoy this behind-the-curtain-a-little peek…..




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