The 10 Most Deadly Places To Live in America

steph duran
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UPI/Bill Greenblatt

UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Credit: CBS St. Louis Steph Duran
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I found this list today on ‘Conservative Post’…just as I was looking around for things to share.   You know me, anything to get  us through Monday, right?    Exactly!


This list is, and here’s a catchy title, ” The 10 Most Deadly Places To Live In America”     Taa-daaa!


It’s a combination of things from weather to crime to man-made disasters, to……well just wait until you see, ok?   Also, keep in mind St Louis is (sigh) USUALLY somewhere on the list…..although, hey, maybe not this time, eh?     :)


The sources that were used and compiled for this story are  Newsmax, ABC,  Popular Science and CNN.


Here We Go!!!


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