No WAY! Katy Perry Did NOT Steal A Song From Sara Bareilles!…(did she????)

steph duran

My girls, My guys….My people….We all know that stealing is wrong and that doing it, at the very least, will land you in the ‘Time Out’ box.  Agreed?   Yes?  Moving on!


Sara Bareilles has a song called ‘Brave’.  It came out mid-April of this year, 2013.  Sara co-wrote the song with one of the guys from the band fun.  It’s a fun, catchy, anthem-lite, mainly written about coming out, but it could be for anyone who is struggling to get their truth out in the open.  Good song.


Now, Katy Perry has been kind of ‘stunting’ as she gets ready for the release of her new album ‘Prism.’  By all accounts, it is darker than her earlier material, deals with concepts like utter heartbreak, divorce, broken promises, anger and thinking about starting over.  ‘Prism’ is due to be released on 10.22.13.  The single, ‘ROAR’ was leaked online last Saturday.  Now….these two songs sounds alike.  Not just alike…but alike ALIKEALIKE….get me?


Katy and Sara are really good buds, so I doubt there’ll be a kerfuffle over this….BUT, boy, are these two songs the same, OR WHAT?!?!?!!!!??




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