41 Beauty Products That ‘Really, Actually’ Work…Most, You Won’t Have To Sell Any Children To Get!

steph duran

Let’s start today off by saying, out in the open, we ALL enjoy beauty products.  That is NOT to say that I’m going to go full Botox, Lipozene and then some Restalyne for dessert.

But I LOVE getting lost in the make-up dept. in ANY store.  I have more lip gloss than is reasonable for even the Smithsonian to have!   But when a list comes along like THIS, my inner female antennae all stand up together and say, “Speak The Truth!!!!”

BTW, One of my all time favorite products is on this list.

#18  Nailtiques  The stuff is A-MAZING.  Both my daughter Trish, and I use it religiously.  Just like like the directions say, NOT more than once per day.  Trish & I both have terminally weak nails….plus we’re biters.  Nailtiques has stopped it.  Although this list shows #1…we use #2.  The big bottle @ Walgreen’s is $18.00 & it’s the best money I spend.

OK, so, on with ………



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