Sometimes, the Fish Under the Water Are Bigger Than You Think They Are. Much, MUCH Bigger.

Steph Duran
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A diver feeds a shark at the Aquarium in

I don’t know about you, but when ‘Shark Week’ or when ‘Pets Attack’ or even the bad ones like ‘Piranha’ or ‘Sharknado’ I watch all of those.

And I mean ALL of those!

The more deep and mysterious the water, the better.

That movie ‘The Abyss’? I was about to wet my pants AND completely fascinated at the same time.

Weird, right?

So I came across this video this week. It’s from a dive team just off the coast of northern California on Tuesday.

They accidentally got into the feeding zone of a few humpback whales without knowing it.

Let me tell you, the humpback whales were huuuunnnnggggry!

Aaaaaaannnnddddd… we go!

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