Just What Do You Mean, It Wasn’t REAL, Miss Miley??

I am shocked.  Shocked, I tell you.  A real, live Hollywood celebrity has admitted that alllllllll the hair she cut off wasn’t her anyway?   You get out of town  and take a bus!


Miley Cyrus says ALL that blonde &/or brown flowing, wild hair wasn’t hers anyway.  it was ’bout 350 extensions.  That HAD to hurt like a son of a b…..ig dog.


Honestly, I REALLY like her hair now.  And if i wouldn’t catch a ration for it from my sweet, dear daughter….(“mu-THER! What did you DO??? i told you that was NO!), I would go cut my hair like that, too…..FUN!!!


Here’s the whole story.  But…ummm, if you see my daughter….don’t EVEN tell her who you got it from, savvy?


350 Extensions!!!









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