Trish’s Trash: I Have a Reality TV Problem, Do You?


If you watch reality TV, like me, or any show that they will put on…eh hem..BRAVO, you will get a kick out of what a PBS station in New York did and the videos that go along with it. A couple months ago the station made some posters for fake reality shows to make fun of the current state of TV. I admit I have a bit of a problem when it comes to reality TV. I watch it, a lot of it, all of it. Here are the fake shows and their taglines:

1. “Bad Bad Bag Boys” . . . “Clean Up on Every Aisle.”

2. “Knitting Wars” . . . “It’s SEW On.”

3. “Bayou Eskimos” . . . “Their Life Is Headed South.”

4. “The Dillionaire” . . . “Life’s a Pickle.”

5. “Married to a Mime” . . . “SHE’S Got Plenty to Say.”

Pretty funny. What’s even more funny is the trailers they made for three different “fake” shows. Each one ends with, “The fact you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV. Support quality programming.” Here are the trailers:

Meet the Tanners

Clam Kings

Long Island Landscapers

Sad…I would probably watch any of these shows if they decided to air them…I have issues!


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