Are you a Nerd? This Could Be JUST for You!

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The Rabid Nerd. He may look like a friendly member of the Geek Squad, but he's there to steal all those delightful digital gadgets from you.  "Buy the iPhone 3, it's cheaper," he says as he walks out the door with five iPhone 4S's at 50% off.

My way-too-smart son, Benjamin, found this list over the week0end and laughed himself, seriously, almost to the point of being physically ill.  Now, that’s a lot of laughing…

I, being a concerned and loving mother, said, “Dude, what IS your deal??”  He was reading this article on Buzzfeed and it was right up his alley.  I knew my son was smart…but good lord!!!  This is a whole other thing.

Maybe enjoy this with a thesaurus and a physics book.  And some wine.


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