I Know the Interview Was Bad, But Wait Until You Read THE DEPOSITION

Vic Porcelli, of The Vic and Trish Morning Show posted Paula Deen’s amazingly uncomfortable TV interview with Matt Lauer.  Wow…I’m a grown woman (well, kind of) and I was sliding down in my seat watching this…ouch.

Click here to watch the interview.

Now, as painful as that was to watch, I found a little piece of ‘Eeeeew!’ myself this morning.  I debated about whether to even post this, but it IS a big deal and it’s certainly topical.

At the beginning of the week, I’d started hearing in Paula Deen’s business deposition, she was throwing around some pretty insensitive remarks.  Now, being insensitive is NOT illegal, nor is holding beliefs that are different than other peoples’.  It’s called America.  BUT, she definitely…..well, y’know what?  You get to read and decide for yourself!  Yay!  Let me know what YOU think.

The Uncomfortable Deposition.

Once again, I’m SO happy to not be a lawyer.   NO offense to my lawyer friends….but, hey, you guys  have told me stories!!!  :)


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