Ancient Egyptian Statue Spinning On Its Own

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(Photo by Julien's Auctions/Getty Images)

(Photo by Julien’s Auctions/Getty Images)

The Manchester Museum in Manchester, England has an Egyptian exhibit containing many ancient statues and artifacts.  The exhibit has been there for years.  One statue in particular was donated anonymously in 1933.  It’s statue number 9325.  It was apparently put into a tomb sometime in 1800 B.C.  All was well with statue 9325 for decades.  It just stood there like…well, you know, like a statue.  Then the museum staff moved the display case just a few feet from its original position.

In February the museum’s owner noticed that statue 9325 was slightly turned.  The next day he noticed it turned just a bit more.  In April he decided to install a time lapse camera that snapped a picture every minute of every day for an entire week.

When the pictures are shown in sequence and in fast motion, the statue spins, a compete 360 degrees!

Here’s the footage.  Let the conspiracy theories begin!

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