We Are More Patient Than I Ever Imagined

Greg Hewitt

Sue Thomas and I have this conversation all the time in the studio–typically when a concert or event is announced that neither one of us has an interest in attending.

How much would you have to be paid in order to get you to that show?   For example, (and this is merely a personal preference) but it would take at least $500 to get me out of the house on a cold winter night to see Marie Osmond in concert.   An insurance seminar on the pro’s and cons of term life?   We might be talking a grand here.

According to a new survey however , it turns out most people don’t have such high expectations.   They studied how much it would take to convince people to sit through an annoying sales pitch.

96% of us would drive 20 minutes to a store in order to participate in a product demonstration, 91% would do a 10 minute survey and 77% would sit through an hour-long sales presentation—all for the grand total of…..$25!

Would you?


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