It’s Time To Admit It…Americans Love Zombies

Greg Hewitt
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Credit: CBS St. Louis Greg Hewitt
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It finally happened–all it took was for me to watch one episode of  The Walking Dead  at a friend’s urging for me to discover what apparently millions of other Americans already knew.

Zombies, even with all of their faults (and strange facial tics),  are pretty interesting.

In the end though , no matter the medium,  it’s all about storytelling and the cable network AMC has figured that out.  The show is setting cable viewing records each and every week.

Which makes the release of the new Brad Pitt  zombie-inspired blockbuster, World War Z  on June 21st even more intriguing.  It’s based on the best-selling book by Max Brooks (son of Mel).

Based on the preview, I think they may be on to something here.  Check it out!



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