The Name of This Sick Pot.. Makes Me Sick

It may have been obvious by the way I sounded today that I’m a wee bit ill. I thought I was going to get through this winter scot-free, with no ickies at all!  Not so fast, Duran… On comes the awful headache, the fever and The Booming Cough of Death. The Cough is so profound, my Production Director, Tim Burt, and I made a song out of it.  It’s like the goat videos on YouTube…in fact, it’s the Taylor Swift version…only instead of goats…you hear me…coughing up a shoe.  Listen to it here.

But now, since I really am sick I’ve found the answer to the ageless question…”What if I can’t make it to the bathroom?” Not only did I find the answer found it on clearance! Sure…it’s only a kids’ sand bucket minus the handle, and, sure, if it WAS a kids’ sand bucket, it would cost $1.99….but this is different.  This is ‘My Puke Pot’ and THAT makes all the difference!

puke pot

It’s on clearance for just $9.99!!  Brilliant!….

I have to go lay down now.


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