Trish’s Trash: Beyonce’s Set List, Lance Armstrong Movie


We got our hands on Beyonce’s set list for the Super Bowl! Or at least this is the rumor…..Sources say she will start the halftime show off with “Crazy In Love” (which is my favorite Beyonce song) and then midway through her act she’ll be joined by Destiny’s Child. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will join her for “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor,” and ending with their new song “Nuclear.” I wonder if she will lipsynch…hmmmm. I think acts are notorious for lipsynching at the Super Bowl but she might have something to prove after the inauguration. I personally don’t care. It’s still her singing. What do you think?

UPDATE: This just in..Michelle Williams says Destiny’s Child will NOT reunite at the Super Bowl. Click here to read the story.

Who would you cast to play Lance Armstrong in a movie? JJ Abrams is working on a biopic of Lance and word is Bradley Cooper wants to play him. I totally see him in this role! Abrams said Bradley sent him an email expressing interest in the part and now he’s in contract talks. Any other suggestions?

A couple of TV notes for tonight: If you missed the pilot of “The Following” with Kevin Bacon on Fox, I suggest you watch it here. The second episode is on tonight and it’s really good!!! Also if you are a fan of “Dallas”, it’s the second season premiere on TNT and of course I will be watching “The Bachelor” on ABC for all the drama!!! He’s not my favorite bachelor but the girls seem especially crazy this season which is always good TV. Enjoy your night!

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