How To Find That Favorite Pair Of Jeans….Again.

Greg Hewitt

I’m one of those unfortunate  people who can’t quite figure out what size I wear—-shirts, pants, suits, jeans, gloves…everything.  I will always wear a 34-32 pair of jeans.  That is our course unless they’re my favorite jeans which are 35-32’s…at least most of the time.   Sometimes the 35 waist is too big.   See the confusion here?   Shopping for me has become this amazingly complex jigsaw puzzle of frustration–one of which my wife–who at one point was my most trusted shopping consigliere –no longer wishes to be a part of.  (Can’t blame her either!)

HOWEVER…..If you’ve ever tried and failed to find or replicate that favorite shirt, coat or yes…pair of jeans, I found a cool way to go about it.

From a recent article at  (a great website BTW for figuring out things like this.)

“Usually there is text embroidered or printed on a small tag on the inside of most pants. It will have either a UPC or a style number on it. Google this number and often you can find someone who is still selling your favorite pair of jeans. Stock up on them.”

I tried it and it worked for me–give it a shot!

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