Local Reporter Has Election Night Induced Brain Freeze

Greg Hewitt

Anyone who’s ever worked in media can relate to the sheer horror of even the potential of something like this happening.

Jason  Colthorp of WILX-TV in Lansing, Michigan appears to be a young guy trying to make his way in television news–which anyone will tell you is a tough business.

You throw in the chaos of a long election night and the non-stop updates from a producer in your headset,  and this is what can happen.

And wouldn’t you think at least one of his co-workers would attempt to throw him a rope here?    Not a chance.   Not only didn’t they help, they actually seem like they’re irritated with him.    Talk about not having your co-worker’s back!

When you watch this , you just want to yell…..”SAY SOMETHING…ANYTHING!”

I warn you–this is painful to watch!

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