10 Songs To Get You Through The Storm

If the bad weather has got you stuck inside, here’s 10 tracks to keep you occupied.

1. Carrie Underwood “Blown Away”

Hold on to your hats and bundle up because we are in for some stormy weather and Carrie’s “Blown Away” is the perfect soundtrack to wait out the storm.

2. Rihanna “Umbrella”

This is an oldie, but a goodie. “Now that it’s raining more than ever/ Know that we’ll still have each other/ You can stay under my umbrella,” Rihanna sings. We dare you to sing along. With high winds you may need more than just one umbrella to keep you dry.

3. The Wanted “Lightning”

With any storm, there’s bound to be some thunder and lightning. While this isn’t the exact lightning the Wanted were singing about, their sentiment is there.

“I know that it’s a little bit frightening/ We might as well be playing with lightning,” the boys sing along deep bass beats.

If you need an escape from all this storm talk, this is just the track to help you through it.

4. Adele “Set Fire to the Rain”

There’s nothing like cozying up to Adele’s music on a dark, stormy night. Leave it to Adele to make a storm sound beautiful.

5. Taylor Swift “Fearless”

Who says you have to be scared of a tornado? Take back that fear an embrace Taylor’s attitude. The queen of writing songs about dancing in the rain, just be careful and don’t get blown away!

‪”And I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress fearless,”‬ she sings.

6. The Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men”

It’s a classic ’80s dance track that you can get your leg warmers and headbands jam out while the thunder rolls!

7. Florence + the Machine “No Light, No Light”

Unfortunately, thousands are expected to be left without power from the aftermath of the storm. A fear for many, being without electricity won’t be the worst case scenario if your iPod’s fully charged and you keep this track on repeat.

8. Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”

Remember to stay optimistic. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a pocketful of sunshine right now?

9. Blind Melon “No Rain”

All we can say is rain, rain go away!

10. Matchbox Twenty “She’s So Mean”

While frontman Rob Thomas has said the song is about a toxic relationship, we can’t help but compare it to one mean woman: Mother Natures storms.

“Everybody’s been in that relationship with somebody that no matter how badly they treat you you just keep coming back like a drug for some reason and you’re not quite sure,” Rob said. “This is about that kind of a relationship.”

The difference between the relationship and these storms: we want her to go away. And the sooner the better.


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