Greg and Sue’s Cardinals Induced Friday Night Freakout

Greg Hewitt

There may only be one other person who is as superstitious about watching these Cardinal playoff games as I am–and she joins me every afternoon from 4-6:30pm for traffic.   Sue Thomas and I are so wrapped up in the emotions of the playoffs that we’ve managed somehow to convince ourselves that our actions–no matter how insignificant— have some affect on these games!

Whether I’m sitting in my special playoff chair (and irritating my family in the process) or Sue is baking an apple pie in a playoff  induced stupor–we’re both just trying to survive these playoffs without completely losing our minds.

As Sue was leaving last Friday evening to go watch game 5 of what would end up being one of the more amazing playoff games of all-time between the Cards and Nationals, I said to her, “If you’re up and your stressing out watching the game-text me,” –which, as you’ll see below she did.   Here was the exchange as the Cards were mounting their incredible comeback:

Sue:  “Arghhhh”

Me: “”Arghhhhhh back at you!”

Sue: “Yikes!   “Yikes I say!”

Me: “I’m dying here–everyone in the house is asleep and I have to be quiet!”

Sue: “Holy (expletive)!”

Me: (after Cards tied the game in the 9th): “I’m outside on the front lawn!”

Sue: (after Cards take the lead)  “O….M…..G!!!”

Me: “I think I”m going to pass out”

Sue: “Look at mini-Matheny! (Pete Kozma) Fascinating interview? No Fantastic rookie? Yes!”

And that was the last of the texts as I retired to the living room to bask myself in the glory of  ESPN and the MLB coverage of the post game celebration.

What sort of crazy superstitions do you have while watching these games?

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