The Top 10 Ways You Embarrass Yourself On A Daily Basis

Greg Hewitt

A new survey found the average person feels embarrassed four times a DAY.  The most common thing that embarrasses us is forgetting someone’s name when you’re introducing them.  That’s followed by tripping in public . . . getting someone’s name wrong . . . getting stains on your shirt . . . and waving at someone who doesn’t see you—all of which happen to me on a fairly regular basis.

Here are the Top 10 ways we embarrass ourselves on a daily basis:

#1.)  Forgetting someone’s name when you’re introducing them.

#2.)  Tripping in public.  (just happened to me the other day walking into Target–hilarious if it would have been someone else)

#3.)  Getting someone’s name wrong.

#4.)  Getting food stains or splashes on your shirt.  (With three small kids at home—this is an almost daily occurrence for me)

#5.)  Waving at someone and they don’t see it.

#6.)  Having food stuck in your teeth.

#7.)  Thinking someone’s waving at you when they’re not.   (Funny when it happens–unless it’s you)

#8.)  Being late.

#9.)  Forgetting where you parked.  (There’s no way of NOT looking stupid when this happens)

#10.)  Burping accidentally.

So how many of these have happened to you in the past week? Let me know in the comments below…

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