Trying To Lose On Purpose at The Olympics?!

Greg Hewitt
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Tian Qing of China (L) is watched by her
Credit: CBS St. Louis Greg Hewitt
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I don’t know which is worse here—the teams trying not to win or how blatant they were in doing so.  Either way, this might be the funniest video from the London games.

 Badminton has a preliminary round . . . like basketball . . . to decide which teams go to the medal round.  It also determines the seedings for the medal round.  

 But by their last preliminary match on Tuesday, four women’s doubles teams had already clinched a spot in the medal round:  Two from South Korea, one from Indonesia, and the defending world champions from China.

 And they all figured that they’d face an easier opponent to open the medal round if they LOST their last preliminary match.

So, all four teams went out and tried to LOSE on purpose.    Even worse, two of the teams were playing EACH OTHER . . . which resulted in an incredibly lame match.And the fans in the arena figured it out.  They started booing and demanded a refund.     Yesterday, Olympic officials sent all four teams home.

 The Chinese Olympic delegation said it “fully respects” the decision to punish its two players and said it would carry out its own investigation.  The South Koreans and Indonesians are appealing the decision. 

So could they be any more obvious about it?

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