20 Things Your Kids Will Never Know About

We enjoyed these things growing up but our kids will most likely never experience them.  Some will never even hear about them.  What are they?  Well click to find out.  And feel free to add to the list. Trust us, it won’t make you feel old…really!

89605175 20 Things Your Kids Will Never Know About

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  1.  Drive In Movie theaters.  Both Julie and I remember doing this.  How cool was it to be able to sit in your car and watch a movie in your car?
  • tawn

    or “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog that was fast asleep”, for the typewriter

  • miranda

    wow, i’m 15 and i know/done what all of these are. i just bought a boombox because i still think there sweet. i feel bad, my cousins who are 3 and 5 will never know these things :(

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