The 7 Stages of Internet Grief

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In light of recent tragic events, we wanted to take a look at the interesting social phenomenon that is Internet Grief. You know what we’re talking about — the way Twitter, Facebook and the entire blogosphere explode after something big happens… and then they explode again in response to the initial explosion… and so on, and so forth. Blogger Matt Langer offers up a funny parody of the 7 stages of grief with The 7 Stages of Internet Grief

The 7 Stages of Internet Grief

  1. people tweet about dead celebrity
  2. people tweet about what dead celebrity meant to them
  3. people tweet insensitive jokes about dead celebrity
  4. people tweet about how it’s too soon to be tweeting insensitive jokes about dead celebrity…

According to Matt, what happens next?? Click here for the full list

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