Recessionista Fashionista: Top 10 Discount Designer Online Stores

Confession: While we are devoted fashionistas, most our “statement pieces” we purchase used from vintage stores and resale stores.  While we’d love to buy everything new and at pre-sale price, that just isn’t in the cards with our limited shopping budgets.

However, one recent phenomena has helped fill our closets with designer goodies–discount designer online stores. Most sites are invitation-only, but getting an invitation isn’t that hard. We just requested an invitation and got it within a couple of days.

One thing we’ve learned from our years of vintage culling–a little patience goes a long way in finding that stunning piece. In the spirit of fashionista generosity, we’ve made a list of our Top 10 Discount Designer Online Stores to help you score that perfect bargain.

10. Editors’ Closet

A solid mix of trendy with straight off the runway couture, Editors’ Closet essentially is what its name says it is: a peek into the closets of some of the most fabulous magazine editors and stylists.

Our current pick on the site: This cute See by Chloe red rose skirt that runs at $57 instead of the usual $466. 70. Perfect for day-to-night-dressing, this skirt is fun, artsy, and sexy.

redskirt Recessionista Fashionista: Top 10 Discount Designer Online Stores

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