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So, word has come down that CBS is shutting down production for the rest of this seasons “Two and a half men”.  Although it is a good show and a money maker for network (my parent company as well), I am happy to see someone stand up to this culture of out of control celebrity behavior. So many times we see people like Lindsey, Paris, Miley and countless others running amuck and not get as much as a slap on the hand for their actions. Why, you ask. It’s simple; they’re rich and famous! Mr Charlie Sheen fits into both of those categories and he’s also immensely talented. The problem is that he also needs some serious help. this doesn’t come when there’s never any consequences.

When you or I behave in such a fashion, we have people to answer to and there is a cost. For the privileged, no such thing exists. So why would they stop behaving that way? Maybe with this move by the network, our bevy of unruly celebs will put the necklace back, or the bottle, down for fear of losing their moment in the sun. Let’s instead celebrate the performers that can do their job and still live a life that we don’t have to try to explain to our children. I’m just saying!

  • Enid

    thank you — it’s about time celebrities are punished for their out of control behavior. However, how unfair to the other actors/acresses in this sitcom that because of Sheen’s bad behavior, they are out of a job.

  • Spencer Garrett

    “Immensely talented”? Love ya, Carney, but….easy tiger. The dude is an entitled jagoff who has some comedy chops. His days working in films with “superstars” peaked when Clinton was in office and he’s been sailing on luck, looks and charm for far too long. He needs help – in MANY areas. His actions have put a bunch of people out of work, and that is the saddest thing of all.

  • Barbara

    I applaud the actions of CBS….FINALLY….Sheen thinks of no one but himself and his habit….now he has put all the other talented actors out of work for the rest of the season…..I hope CBS helps those other actors and dumps Sheen for good !!!!!!!

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