Never A Dull Moment

carney boys Never A Dull Moment

You would think that when people learn that you have two bouncing baby boys at home, they would be heaping on the praise and reminding you of the joy they must bring. Maybe it’s because I’m closer to 50 than 40, it’s more like “Oh goodness; how are you doing with that”?

The easier answer is YES, it is a blessing. Although the “what are you thinking” aspect may seem inappropriate; it is not without some level of accuracy. Let me just tear a page from the fairly typical day with the boys. Monday, I was pleasantly surprised when my wife and sons came to pick me up from work to take daddy to lunch. We went down the street to a restaurant that, being a bit before the lunch rush, was relatively quiet. That changed in a hurry. The boys have some pipes on them.  I have no idea where that comes from; probably mom.

Anyway, a group of businessmen had the misfortune to be seated right behind us. The kids lunch came pretty quickly and I scurried to cut up their pizza and get their mouths occupied. Within a couple of minutes, the group of men abruptly got up and moved a few tables away. Like any proud papa, I took it personally and saw it as a sign of disapproval of my parenting skills. I turned to fire off my most evil glare at the foursome. It was only then did I realize that there was a piece of my son’s pizza on the table right in front of where one of the gentlemen was sitting. I quickly spun back around and did my best slink.

Oh wait, there’s more. My wife, who, at this point, is still unaware of the great pizza toss of 2011, dropped me back off back at the station and took the kids home. Within 30 minutes I get a call from the house from my wife asking “Hey, do you know that jar of BBQ dry rub that you like so much? You ‘ll need to restock”. At first I thought it might be a grocery store honey-do call; I was wrong. She proceeds to describe the scene of the 2 year old taking the jar, opening it and carefully sprinkling it all across the kitchen floor. Then, enlisting the assistance of his partner in crime (the 1 year old), the two of them (on all fours)  doing their best Hoover Vacuum impression and licking up the spice.

When asked what I thought she should do, and being somewhat handy in the kitchen and a comic,  I replied “roll them in it then toss em in the oven on 425 degrees for 4 hours or until tender”.

So there’s a day in the life of a 40-something daddy! I also have a couple of teenage daughters who, be warned girls, will be the subject of several of these entries in the future as well


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