How Many Can They Chuck Anyway?

woodchuck 240 How Many Can They Chuck Anyway?

So, with the cold weather, our hopes turn to warmer times. It just seems odd in this day of modern technology; we place our climatological faith in a rodent! Today, as I’m sure you know, is Groundhog Day. This is the only reason that Punxutawney, PA can pave their streets as thousands of folks (yes, thousands) flock to the little hamlet to get the official word on when the winter white will dissipate. Here’s the part that seems like a sham to me. If Phil sees his shadow, we’ll have 6 more weeks of winter. Well, he didn’t. Neither did Staten Island Chuck (must be a cousin). OK, let’s do the math; the first day of spring is March 20th and that’s about 6 weeks away, give or take. That means, had the little buggers seen their shadows, we’d have spring around March 20st. THAT’S WHEN SPRING STARTS ANYWAY!

The other controversy that seems to swirl around this worldwide holiday (the US and Canada anyway) is how are these little fuzzy creatures being treated? Last year in an, apparently unsuccessful campaign, PETA pushed to have Phil replaced by a robot replica. They cited the disruption in the Groundhogs’ schedule.

Would Phil, or Chuck, really be better off to roam in front of an 18 wheeler or into someone mole trap as opposed to his Cush PA digs? And how are things in Phil’s house? One event organizer described it as “better living conditions than the average child in PA”. So this should move you one of two ways; Stop worrying about this woodchuck, who is more famous than you or I will ever be. And if you have a family and live in Pennsylvania, it’s time to put some more straw down in your kid’s room..


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