Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Blah Blah Blah

wine in snow Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Blah Blah Blah

OK, so wicked weather is paying us another visit. Now, everyone has gone bonkers. Try to get some milk or bread at the market. I dare you! People are climbing over each other to brace for the “French Toast” weather.  For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, it is directly linked to the pre storm shopping patterns of people and the inexplicable need to not be caught without Bread, milk, and eggs.  Personally, If I’m snowed in, I want to have some Cabernet, nice cheese and sausage at the ready. So why isn’t the line forming in the liquor aisle or at the deli counter?

Another thing that people are snatching up is portable generators. I guess it’s my general ineptness but I would no sooner know what to do with one of those then if someone dropped off a circus elephant in my driveway. I’m pretty sure it’s got something to do with powering stuff in your house, but I don’t imagine it will work for everything.

That poses a whole new set of issues. the son needs his x-box, the daughter needs her laptop so she can Skype with her boyfriend, mom needs to heat up the curling iron and dad…..dad needs his Sportscenter fix. So what do you plug in? I think it might be easier to just sit in the dark. Just make sure that there are batteries in your radio so you can keep listening to Fresh 102.5.


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