The Great Christmas Tree Massacre

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doc1 The Great Christmas Tree Massacre

The evil being pictured here is conserving all his energy today for the great battle that will ensue tonight. Tonight has been designated as “Christmas Tree Night.” This evil doer has been known to eat EVERYTHING in his sight. Please keep reading to give me tips on how to save our Christmas tree!!  So, fellow dog lovers…is there a way to “puppy-proof”  the Christmas tree? We are planning on putting the tree up tonight, and I am apprehensive. Scared, even. I am concerned not only for my heirloom Christmas ornaments, but also for the puppy, since he seems to have no idea what is edible and what is not. He has, just in the last week, consumed plastic water bottles, wire, tacks, paper tags, a tennis ball, part of a Kong dog toy, and half a package of cookies.  


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