The Great Christmas Tree Massacre

doc1 The Great Christmas Tree Massacre

The evil being pictured here is conserving all his energy today for the great battle that will ensue tonight. Tonight has been designated as “Christmas Tree Night.” This evil doer has been known to eat EVERYTHING in his sight. Please keep reading to give me tips on how to save our Christmas tree!!  So, fellow dog lovers…is there a way to “puppy-proof”  the Christmas tree? We are planning on putting the tree up tonight, and I am apprehensive. Scared, even. I am concerned not only for my heirloom Christmas ornaments, but also for the puppy, since he seems to have no idea what is edible and what is not. He has, just in the last week, consumed plastic water bottles, wire, tacks, paper tags, a tennis ball, part of a Kong dog toy, and half a package of cookies.  


  • Linda

    put the tree in a play pen. that is what we had to do when the kids were little.

  • Stephanie

    Try putting up a gate around the tree…we did that when our Papillon Rascall was a puppy and it worked like a champ..after awhile he showed no interest in the tree and when we took the gate down one night he didn’t even go near the tree…hope this works for you.

  • Rose Notheis

    Dana, This i what I hae done: Tails wag: put only wooden or unbreakable ornaments on the bottom third of the tree. Stop at PetSmart & bye a can of a spray that will keep dogs away from whatever, if possible use a heavy twine(i.s. Jute) around the tree & anchor to a window, heating vent, whatever is possible so the evil doer doesn’t “slide into’ the tree & send it flying or going over.I had Labs, so I’m well acquainted with puppies, Christmas Tres & accidents. Hope this helps.Rose

  • Rose Notheis

    Your dog sounds like he has Lab in him. That spray I mentioned could help. Also, I used a lot of cheap “hot sauce”. Just let him chew on whatever he likes & thn pour on the hot sauce it usually solves the problem. I had one dog that did love to eat he sauce, one out of maybe 6-7 doigs. Note well do not use red pepper as this can destroy their sense of smell. Rose

  • Cora Holt

    One word Dana – GATES. And, I learned the hard way. We had 2 Schipperke puppies and the first 3 years they destroyed and ate everything in reach. Orvis has beautiful gates that go with any decor.

  • katherine bommarito

    i suggest u put it in a childs play pen and get a squirt bottle.

  • Keira

    Put the tree in a room were you can put in a baby gate so the puppy can go any were but the tree.

  • Linda

    You could buy a expandable fencing that stretches and put it around your tree so that he could not get to it or do what we did a buy a smaller tree and put it up off the ground where he could not reach it. The only problem is that if you have a big dog that does not work. I have seen it where people put there tree in a play pen and put the sides down when they are around it and the sides up when they are away.

    • keira

      The fencing is a good idea.

  • cheryl

    They like to eat christmas lights. One year I put 8 sets on. finally I just gave up. The lower half of the tree had no lights.
    I have a yr old cat that likes the tree this year. I spray her with water . She doesn’t like it. Good luck.

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