The Dog That Will Eat ANYTHING

doc The Dog That Will Eat ANYTHING

He looks so cute and non-threatening, right? But looks are deceiving. This little sweetheart can and will eat ANYTHING he can get his teeth on. Read on for the list of assorted items he attempted to eat yesterday…

 Keep in mind…these are all items that Doc attempted to eat in ONE evening.

Stuffed Snowman Holiday Decoration

Water Bottle

Plastic container


Stuffed Reindeer


Tack (I had to wrestle it out of his mouth before he could swallow it and puncture his insides)


Tack Number 2 (yes, this dog is a genius)

Ugg boots

I can’t wait to see what happens when we get the Christmas tree up. Watch out ornaments!!   :)

  • layrenewal

    Our 9 lb. “Dorkie” (Daschund / Yorkie mix) managed to jump up on a table, tear through a plastic bag and eat part of a loaf of banana chocolate-chip bread. For dessert? Used tissues she dug out of a trash can she knocked over.

    • kezkdana

      Yummm…banana chocolate-chip bread sounds so good! I would have fought the dog for that!! :)

  • Rita Stephens

    You can’t be talking about this adorable dog?

  • Enid

    My little brown dog Koko (Westhighland/Westie mix) had to have five stomach surgeries to remove inappropriate items she had eaten. A bread twistie tie, an army man, a velcro strip, the head of a power ranger, film decorations — I could go on and on. She is something of a legend at Northgate Small Animal Hospital. Unfortunately, I don’t think they outgrow it.

    • kezkdana

      Ha HA! I wonder why they do this? You would think they would have enough sense to know what is edible and what isn’t. Doc will eat literally anything. And he doesn’t just want to chew it. He wants to swallow it as soon as possible.

  • KJ

    WOW! We have a 3 legged dog that will eat ANYTHING. He has eaten our drywall, carpet, couch, baseboards, etc. Last night I came home & between the 3 dogs I have they got my bowl off the counter & consumed approximatly 6 apples, 2 pears & a bag of about 8-10 Hawaian rolls!! Nothing left anywhere. He also loves & tries to eat plastic bottles, cd/dvd’s, bread ties & wrappers, every stuffed animal, our cat, mice, bugs, ANYTHING!!! I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it, he’s about 18 months old now. Lab/bassett. GOOD LUCK!!

    • kezkdana

      Plastic bottles are a favorite for my dog, too. And you know those Kong toys that are supposed to be indestructible? He can eat one of those in about 2 hours.

      • Keira

        NO WAY!

  • Keira

    We have a dog named sandy shes 13! When she was a puppy she also ate every thing even SAND! thats how she got the name sandy.

    • keira

      so we took her toys away and now she only eats nomal dog stuf.It took a bit of time but now she dosn’t know how to play.well hope it will go good with you’r dog. :]

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