Political Ads…literally make me sick.

US Flag Backlit Political Ads...literally make me sick.

I don’t just mean ‘I don’t like’ political ads…I really mean I get a “sick” feeling whenever I hear or see one.  Most of them just exaggerate facts to make them sound worse, or to fit their particular agenda.  Thank God it all ends today….Click “More” to leave your comment on political ads…are you bothered by them?  Are you INFLUENCED by them?  Do you also get sick?  :)

  • Joyce

    I also am sick of them, If I wanted to hear that much backstabbing I’d go to my family reunions

    • http://kezkeric.wordpress.com kezkeric

      haha…family reunions at least have food and drink…and you have the ability to walk away :) Oh, these political ads are something else…Thanks Joyce!

  • Missy

    If the candidates used all the money they spend on those slick polital ads that are overloading my US Mail box (not to mention how much they spend on air time!), we could feed the homeless and those on the verge of going under due to this economy for probably a couple of years! There is NOT ONE political candidate that knows how to speak the truth….EVERY one is a LIAR….some just more than others. All the political stuff makes me want to barf! What happened to accepting responsibility for your own actions?????

  • Smiley

    They get to the point that they are nothing more than mere “white noise” … I do take the time to go to sources like FactCheck.org to look at the research, and virtually all are distortions, “spins”, or outright lies. So, to me, they are virtually worthless – a waste of money (we could be feeding a lot of helpless people in our own country with the $$$ spent in getting a vote).

    What happened to the PROMISE of a “kinder, gentler political climate if you elect us” … guess it was like the commercials … an outright lie. Oh, shame on me ~ I forgot – that came from a politician’s mouth. I have never seen such visceral, acerbic, vulgar, and downright mean-spirited advertisements. Those who “approve this message” exemplify the “ugly American” spirit. Sad … really sad.

  • ElPolloLoco

    Oh my goodness, YES. They annoy me to no end and they make me sick! And I don’t appreciate whoever came to my house the day before Halloween and stuck a big “Vote for Ed Martin” card on my door. That woke me up. Doing that is the perfect way to get me to NOT vote for you.

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