Jackie Evanco on “America’s Got Talent”

This is the young phenom (10 years old) who is knocking ’em dead on “America’s Got Talent”.  This was her song from last night’s show.  She’s got the voice of a 30 year old soprano who’s been trained all her life.  Amazing.

A question for you…When you’ve been given this great gift, how do you pursue making it better?  Push while your young.  Go slow, develop and hope for the best in the future?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comment section.

  • Bill Murdock

    Truly amazing. It’s a shame that Jackie finished second behind whats-his-name, but that’s just a sign on the times. Classical Opera, lasting through the ages, often called the highest form of western culture, is fastly dying with the onslaught of the ghetto rythym jungle “music” such as “Rap” that has taken over our culture, ruined our youth and deprived them of such great emotional highs that come from listening to a lovely girl like this, sing such a beautiful melody. She and her parents should be so proud. Bill Murdock, Costa Mesa, CA

  • jackie evanco

    she is a born star,like elvis presily,michael jackson,how can you not see that, from the first time i heard her she was a star,

  • phyllis hooper

    she is a born star like elvis presily,michael jackson,the first time i heard her sing,she is a star,how can you not see that,she was the winner in my eyes on ameria got talent show not grimm,he was a dime a dozen

    • Barbara Albrecht

      This young Jackie is an unbelievable miracle child. It is a pity that she didn’t finish first. Every time that I need to relax and feel in heaven, I play her songs which I have tape every one of those. In my book she is #1. barbara

  • Jeanne Glinski

    God has blessed you with this beautiful voice! Go into this world and share it! But don’t stop being a kid! Enjoy your youth it goes by so quickly.

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