How To Fix Your iPhone4 Connectivity Problems.

In case you haven’t heard, the new iPhone4 is having major connectivity issues if you don’t hold it “just right”.  (It seems that the phone’s antenna system is embedded into the metal strip around the phone which can be “blocked” by a misplaced hand which causes both signal strength and calls to drop).  Their answer to the problem is to either: 1.)  hold the phone differently (see video below) or  2.)  buy a case for the iPhone4 from them for $29.95 – on top of your phone’s cost.  This makes it another expense to you to cover their mistake.  Ah, what a country!!!   Just in case you can’t get a case, or God (Steve Jobs) forbid, don’t want one,  here are a few ways for you to beat the problem. 

Yes, it’s another infamous “You Tube Parody Rant”, but you may want to try it if everything else fails!!!  (P.S. I’m also told that you can take a large tight rubberband or wrist band and cover the metal on the phone to do the same thing as the case.  Apple says “no – it won’t work”.  Can you imagine that?).


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